Selling a Home December 2, 2022

Tips for Selling a House in Winter

Winter has arrived in East Tennessee, and with it comes cooler temperatures and threat of snow. A lot of factors go into determining the right time to sell your home. The economy, the housing market, and even the season of the year can affect the sale. Conventional real estate wisdom says the best time of year to sell your home is spring because families want to move while the kids are out of school. Therefore, spring is usually when the housing inventory peaks.

But there are definitely arguments for selling in other times of the year. You might not think so, but winter can be a great time to sell a home. One big reason is that when you put a home on the market in winter, you don’t have to compete with nearly as much inventory, making your home stand out and have less competition. Also, buyers in winter generally want to get the deal done quickly and are more likely to hit your price point.

While spring may be the most popular time to sell your home, don’t discount winter for making the sale: it has its advantages. Here are some tips for getting your house sold in winter.

Winterize Your Home-

People shopping for a home in winter generally pay closer attention to winter issues, like the heating and air, the roof, insulation, and heating costs. Get your HVAC and roof inspected and tuned up/repaired if needed. Clean the gutters and replace them if they’re worn out. Weatherstrip the windows and doors to keep the cold out and the heat in. Make sure your house is winter ready so you’re not trying to sell a list of costly upgrades to a potential buyer.

Maximize Lighting-

Interior lighting can be a challenge during the winter because of snowy skies and shorter days. There are a few things you can do to make your home appear brighter. Paint your home’s interior a bright, neutral color to make it brighter throughout, and liven up your exterior with some winter landscaping and plants.

Winter Staging-

You want to make prospective buyers in your home feel warm and cozy in winter. If you have a fireplace, light it up. Put out some warm winter throws on the couch. Avoid religion specific holiday decorations. Instead, think seasonal. A stack of logs by the fireplace, warm cider on the stove, maybe a simple holly wreath. Keep it simple and consider skipping the lights, over-the-top Santa collections, and an abundance of religious icons.

Get A Snow Shovel-

This one is simple. Shovel the walkways, the porch, the deck, pretty much anywhere people walk. Invest in some de-icer to avoid turning a prospect’s visit into a trip to the ER with a busted elbow. Winter safety is a must.

With a little preparation, selling in winter may be a good solution for you. Looking to sell? Call your trusted Wallace professional today!